I don’t know, I had a pretty hard time convincing her that love is a viable thing. [looks at the ground] That’s a sensible reason. Does she really think that I would ever abandon her? Her father is just… dumb.


Oh, God. I think that is one of the most times I’ve ever blushed.

Tha’s because the only love she’s ever really felt has been towards females or friends. Or friendly females. [shrugs] She’s surprised you refuse to let her abandon you. Yeah, you could say that. Luckily, my dad and Mr. Stanton are her fatherly figures.

Oooooh, she had you blushing on the first date!


"You know I can hear you"


I’d hope so, considering I was talking to you!

Are you gonna tell me how your day is going, or…?


What could be so important that you had to interrupt me while I was taking a shower?


Well, I— um, there was a man following me, so I thought maybe I’d knock, but, uh— Sorry.



Are you saying you’re not?


But thinking isn’t necessarily knowing.. especially with Pearl.image 

[attempts to crack a bad joke] It feels like sophomore year was only a few months ago. [smiles a little] Well, when I did try and help her get settled into her house it didn’t work out that great. It was kind of funny though, now that I’m looking back onto it. [shrugs]

I know it’s not, but the way she talks about you, I think you could be her first love. I’m gonna slip my opinion in here for a second and say I don’t think she doesn’t believe in love. I think she’s just scared of it. Her dad left, someone she’s supposed to have forever. She’s scared of loss, which is why she doesn’t do relationships. But you told her you wouldn’t let her abandon us, right? She hasn’t forgotten that.

The underwear thing? Yeah, she told me about that.


She doesn’t believe in love… much less liking someone as in a crush-like way.


Great, now I know she used to kind of like Nemo. That’s crazy, she should just be who she is. I’m pretty sure Dash would have more of a chance with Vanellope than I do, and I don’t like Vanellope that way any more I don’t think. Darn it, who thought this could be confusing?

She didn’t— But I think she’s starting to.

That was the beginning of sophomore year though, don’t worry. But you haven’t been scared off by her promiscuity and her life choices, and she’s not used to that. You’re also very nice to her, and I think it’s all coming to realization for her. The problem with you two is that you both think this is one sided— it’s not.


Denial? More like… telling reality how it is. Morph? I think he’s too gentle to do that. I’m also much taller than him. Matters into our own hands? I don’t see what there is to settle.


You two like each other gosh darn it! Don’t you see it?

Pearl’s never talked about a boy like this, not even when she had a small crush on Nemo. She’s just scared she’ll be a terrible girlfriend, or that she isn’t a good match for you. It may have slipped that you used to like Vanellope, and she thinks that’d be a better match than the two of you. But I know her, and I know she’d want this. Want you.


This idea is actually making me kind of excited. Is that bad?

tumblr_n7dpfdHc0c1s6lfqbo4_250.gif (160×176)

[blushes] Oh, God. Maybe I’ve just inspired her to strengthen her brain and get some bigger words into her vocabulary. As for relationship things? Maybe you were dreaming?

No, because I’m excited too!

[groans] You two are impossible. Both of you are in denial and it’s annoying. I’m gonna have Morph help me shove you two into a room by yourselves if you don’t take matters into your own hands.

Could you break your own neck?


Should i not be wondering?image

Well, um, I wouldn’t?

But that’s just me.

dear cas,